Functioning of revolving credit

With a revolving credit you finance all types of expenses without proof of use. After validation of your file and opening of your credit, the borrowed money is available as a deposit to your account in 48 hours (after expiration […]

Simulate a credit repurchase before contacting a broker

The repurchase of credit is a banking operation which allows individuals to rebalance their monthly budget and regain greater purchasing power. When you have several credits in progress, it becomes difficult to restore the monthly payments, especially when the remainder […]

P2p Loans – How much the charges from experts

Across Lender excels in the Baltic P2P platforms. Minthos * was the first P2P platform that I tried. Across Lender is a new crowdlending platform based in Latvia. At Across Lender, real estate-backed loans are granted by private investors over […]

Loan calculator construction money

The loan calculator for home finance Loan calculator: comparison of home finance offers Low interest rates are not everything: With this loan calculator, real estate owners can compare the offers of construction money from several banks. As a rule, the […]