Credit card transfer – commission and methods

Credit cards are most often used to regulate payments in stationary and online stores. A transfer from a credit card to a bank account is an additional option that is worth using if you do not have sufficient funds on your account.
Transfer from card to account allows:

  • transfer funds to any bank account, also personal account,
  • pay bills and financial obligations, e.g. online loan installments,
  • pay tax to the Tax Office.

We can make any number of transfers without exceeding the available credit limit

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How much does a credit card transfer cost? Each bank charges a commission for a credit card transfer. In the table below, we compare the amount of the fee for transferring from a card to an account in banks that provide such a service!

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Credit card transfer – is it worth it?

Credit card transfer - is it worth it?

Credit card transfer is not the cheapest type of transfer. We have to reckon with a commission of up to 8 percent. transfer amount. In addition, some banks treat a credit card transfer as a cash transaction, accruing interest on the amount transferred.

The same as when withdrawing cash from an ATM. If they consider the transfer as a non-cash transaction, they exempt from using fees on the condition of returning the debt in the so-called interest-free period.

Although we have to pay a commission and interest in some banks – sometimes a credit card transfer is the only way to avoid interest for late payment of bills or a cash loan. In this situation, it is better to make payments than to get into the register of debtors!

How to make a transfer from a credit card to an account?

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Making a transfer from a credit card to a bank account is as easy as making a standard transfer. We can implement it ourselves in the online or mobile banking service, without first defining the recipient. To make a transfer from a credit card:

  1. We log in to our account online or mobile banking.
  2. We choose the right operation.
  3. We choose the account from which we want to make the transfer, in this case, a credit card.
  4. We accept transactions (in the manner indicated by the bank, e.g. by code from the SMS).

We will also place a transfer order by phone or at a bank branch. BBF additionally gives the option of making a card transfer to an account via SMS.

A credit card usually does not require a bank account. If the bank imposes such a necessity, choose an account based on the ranking of personal accounts. There we will find only current and the most attractive bank accounts

How to make a transfer to a credit card?

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We can make not only a transfer from a credit card, but also to a card, in order to repay the borrowed amount. We set up an automatic direct debit from the main bank account or make a transfer to a credit card from another bank.

In this case, we must take into account the hours of booking transfers. In order for the transfer to arrive on time, it is better to make it the day before the credit card repayment deadline. Otherwise, the bank will charge additional fees.

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