Functioning of revolving credit

With a revolving credit you finance all types of expenses without proof of use. After validation of your file and opening of your credit, the borrowed money is available as a deposit to your account in 48 hours (after expiration of the withdrawal period in force).
Revolving credit is a loan available for a tacitly renewable year. This revolving loan provides a cash facility of between 500 dollars and up to 4,000 dollars throughout the year. It is renewable at the end of each year.

Varied use

We recommend opting for the revolving credit formula to finance various expenses of an undefined amount. The money can thus be allocated to all the expenses desired by the user: no proof of purchase or estimate is requested.
A revolving credit can therefore be used to finance current expenses (back to school, clothing decoration, etc.) as well as to finance a passion (sports) or a trip. The formula allows you to manage your payments and loans to the euro loan, to finance only real needs.


Flexibility and transparency

revolving credit

  • you benefit from a “break” service which allows you to suspend your reimbursements for one month each year (interest will be collected during the period at the contractual APR in force),
  • you receive a monthly statement which informs you of the cost of credit and the amount of interest rates applied to your loan,
  • you choose the date of collection of your reimbursements at your convenience,
  • you can increase the amount of your reimbursements free of charge to shorten the duration of the credit,
  • once the line of credit is opened, you don’t pay interest on money you don’t use.


Repayment and cost of credit

After validation of your file, the revolving credit offers a great flexibility of use: it allows to borrow the available money throughout the year and to obtain the desired payment in 48 hours, subject to available outstanding.
You repay your credit according to a minimum monthly scale established in advance. Thanks to your repayments, you replenish the loanable amount of the loan every month. Generally, the faster you pay off, the lower the cost of credit.
The rates and the cost of revolving credit vary according to the amount borrowed and the remaining amounts to be repaid, according to a scale which is communicated to you when the credit is taken out.

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